Welcome to SmileAgile.io!

The chemical equation for the happiness is there: Unhappy Happy Smile Agile!

This product will help you to keep track of your teams' mood/happiness! If you are a scrum master (officially or not!), I created this product for you: Read more about this product.

What's in it for me?

An easy and straightforward tool to gather the happiness level of your team(s) and their comments.

The votes are reflected by a bubble chart and the comments are easy to copy/paste into your favorite wiki or the tool of your choice. You choose the wording which matches your team's habits for the survey: 'last sprint', a generic 'previous/this week', or an agnostic 'last survey'. Finally, the product provides an 'organization' view to aggregate your teams: it gives an upper view, e.g. of a department or an office.

See more: FAQ Documentation Scrum Master: Step by step Changelog


Is-it a finalized product?

Nope, as finalized might mean... its end of life! That being said, I use it for quite some time, along peers.

Any missing features?

Your feedback is more than welcome!

Besides a long lasting bug (preventing your team image to be kept after a deployment, WIP!), I covered my former teammates needs a well as mine, including: implementing HTTPS, teams dashboard, morale chart combining multiple teams and even sharing teams, so you can enjoy some time off.

UI/UX is NOT my cup of tea, therefore I welcome your ideas to improve the product, especially the morale chart!

Are the votes really anonymous?

Absolutely! It's actually a strong requirement I don't want to debate on. As a scrum master, you should guess who voted what anyway. The goal of this tool is to leverage the data via a relevant chart to speak to your management. The local storage is used to avoid voting twice. Only the survey UUID is stored, not even the actual vote neither the comment. Completing the local storage topic: the cookies. One cookie is used to store the authentication token when you are logged in. Which applies to scrum masters only. Nevertheless, scrum masters can anonymously vote too! Another cookie is used to store the language you select when clicking on the footer.

More about the storage usage.

What is the licence?

The code is under the ISC license.

So, is is free?

The code is open source. Nevertheless AWS is not free! I'm planning on proposing a cheap pricing, not to make tons of profit (well... I wouldn't be against it!), at least to balance my AWS bill. My Git repository is not public yet, I need to fix some code I'm ashamed of first!